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  ETHICS   Lost in all the instruction across campus except perhaps in philosophy… the virtues. But over my 30+ years of teaching, I have refused to ignore certain teachings the classical masters considered most important, even as they have been discarded by others. Are they “subjective,” and therefore obsolete? Our theories presume, often uncritically, ideals that we think we should strive for such as “competent communication.” If all you strive for is “functional fitness,” then the notch you wedge yourself into is presented to you as a fait accompli. There is no reason for you to be, except as a plastic medium for filling holes. Piety, obedience, submission were not virtues for the Classical thinkers. For Confucius maybe but not Socrates. Ethics in science? Science presumes honesty in reporting outcomes. Humility in accepting results that disagree with your predictions. These constitute nobility. The virtues are essential to understanding the values cultures manifest and conseque