Political Party Affiliation

Martin Niemöller . Keep that name in mind as you read. More about him later. You can look up anyone’s political party registration at O.U. if you have their name and town (Norman for example) or county (Cleveland County) here: I think we are holistic and cannot be fully understood without systemic appraisal and context. So, for instance, it is good that it is public information about which political party a person is registered to. I do not think that political values can be separated from life choices or even academic interpretations of phenomena such as war, peace, the economy generally, gender issues, environmental policies, immigration, poverty, religion, education, the family, healthcare, law enforcement, judicial appointments… What people decide to study is itself a clear indication of interest (not disinterested objectivity). Of course, we scholars (I hope) try to find reliable truth about issues, even inconvenient truths. Unfortunately,

Art Around the Globe

 As promised in "About Me" in my website here is a tiny sample of art from around the world today.  There is so much great art happening I can never do it justice. But for a taste, feast your eyes. ASIA AFRICA LATIN AMERICA