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 Here's three papers by a famous Organizational Communication scholar you may enjoy reading. In the first one from a predatory journal, the author describes himself as a savior of "lost soul" doctoral students. He talks about how it is perfectly fine to chair a dissertation without any content expertise. In fact, being a “process expert” is a “better choice” than a content expert, according to this savior of lost souls. The goal is to make sure just about anyone can get a Ph.D. in no time. All you gotta do is make it look like a dissertation. Now one example, the “most extreme lost soul” he’d ever worked with, is a very fictionalized account that leaves out some extremely important facts rendering this “autoethnographic” case worse than useless, not least of which is that the original chair of the dissertation had successfully guided more than twice as many doctoral students to successful completion of their degrees than the savior who claims to know better. But before th